Bill Voloch

Wesley Healthcare


What makes Wichita a great place to live?

Great Life Balance
No Traffic
Cost of Living
Great Food

What is the biggest challenge or opportunity for our community in 2016?

We need to continue to grow our economy in Wichita and continue to create jobs. From a healthcare perspective more jobs equals more insured patients which can really help the local hospitals.

What lasting impression do you hope the community will have of Together 2016?

I hope that the community will see local leaders working together to help make our region an amazing place to visit, live, and start a business.

Why did you choose to get involved in Together 2016?

It seemed like a great organization with an amazing purpose to work as a team to make Wichita a better place

One of the principles of Together 2016 is to invite every citizen to participate. Who would you invite first?

I work with new physicians coming to the community every day and I would invite new doctors that had a passion for where they work and live.

What would you tell a person who is considering moving to Wichita?

It is a great family environment where you can have great life balance.

How has Wichita changed since you first moved here?

When my family got here in 2013 the area was going through some economic difficulties with layoffs in the aircraft industry. Since that time it seems that the economic environment has gotten much better.

Who could be better served by our community?

The mental health patients in our community are in major need of services and this sector of healthcare is underserved and underfunded.

What is Wichita’s best kept secret?

Not sure it is a secret but the education system in Wichita is just outstanding. My children have been in both public and private schools and we have never experienced such high quality education.

Who is someone locally that has influenced you?

Nester Weigand is the chairman of our board at the hospital and his advice and direction to me as I go through my first year as CEO has been invaluable.


How long have you lived in Wichita?

2 and a half years

What is the first thing you would show a visitor to Wichita?

Sedgwick County Zoo