Patty L. Sanders

Managing Broker
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices PenFed Realty


What makes Wichita a great place to live?

I think it is great that you can get pretty much anywhere you want to go in 20 minutes. The people are super friendly and Wichita is small enough that it still has some hometown charm but large enough to provide a variety of experiences.

What is the biggest challenge or opportunity for our community in 2016?

The biggest opportunity for our community in 2016 is to expand on our quality of life & improve overall health, continuing to enhance and encourage physical activity and getting out and being an active part of the community.

What lasting impression do you hope the community will have of Together 2016?

That we truly “came together” WITH the community to make a positive impact on the quality of life for Wichitans.

Why did you choose to get involved in Together 2016?

We are a real estate company, our agents meet people everyday that are making decisions where to live or if they should accept a job in Wichita. They want to know what we have to offer as a city. It is our duty and honor to help make Wichita all it can be – and more!

One of the principles of Together 2016 is to invite every citizen to participate. Who would you invite first?

College students! They are full of life and dreams and they have great ideas.

What would you tell a person who is considering moving to Wichita?

That we are a great city that has a lot to offer – you just need to get out and find it or ask around! A lot of people think they are making a “temporary” move to Wichita and never leave, we hope you are one of those people!

How has Wichita changed since you first moved here?

Since I’ve been here most of my life it has changed leaps & bounds. I remember when 21st & Rock Rd. was a dirt road.

What is Wichita’s best kept secret?


Who could be better served by our community?

Young families

Who is someone locally that has influenced you?

Real Estate agents, they work tirelessly to promote our city in the best light. They truly love Wichita and have a tremendous interest in making it great!

How long have you lived in Wichita?

45 years

What is the first thing you would show a visitor to Wichita?

Old Town & Keeper of the Plains