Scott Schwindaman

President & CEO
Lubrication Engineers, Inc.

Scott Schwindaman, President & CEO, Lubrication Engineers, Inc.

How long have you lived in Wichita?

I was born and raised on the west side of Wichita. Opportunity presented itself here in Wichita, so I never had to leave the area which I think is very fortunate for me.

What is something you love about this community?

I love the feeling of community in Wichita. We are large enough to have good quality of life venues (Music Theater, Riverfest, Symphony) but small enough to have the home town feeling no matter where you go in the area. This feeling of community allows Wichitan’s to work together to prevent some of the issues larger cities deal with and are unable to correct.

What would you share with someone who is considering moving to Wichita?

Wichita is a city that has many benefits over similar cities in the Midwest. It is a great place to start a business for the entrepreneur or for a professional looking to establish a lifelong career. Our cost of living is very affordable and our transit times provide very few traffic delays. Outstanding cultural activities that will rival those of the major cities.

What would you like to say about Wichita in ten years?

Wichita is viewed in the US as a model mid-market city with opportunity for all who chose to call us home. Not to big, not to small, just right!


What transformational projects need to be complete by 2025?

Presently, we need to continue the work that has been started on our entrepreneurial community and diversification efforts. I would hope in ten years we can look back and state that in 2017 these projects were started and now the city is reaping the benefit of this work. A vibrant start-up and scalable business community embracing diversity will help Wichita grow beyond our imagination.