Sean Weaver

EVP, Assurance Services
Allen, Gibbs & Houlik

Sean Weaver, EVP, Assurance Services at Allen, Gibbs & Houlik

What is something you love about this community?

Wichita is a city with the energy and the drive to make things happen. We’ve had plenty of challenges over the years and still have some, of course, but it’s the kind of place where people are willing to roll up their sleeves and work together to make it better. And, of course, its a great place to live with friendly people!

What would you share with someone who is considering moving to Wichita?

We’re lucky to combine the amenities of many large cities with the advantages of a smaller community. So we have the economic opportunities of diverse employers, growing and vibrant cultural offerings, high-quality educational options, WSU sports, shopping and the convenience of a major health-care hub … but we also have short drive times, reasonable housing prices and a safe city. Add to that the Midwestern work ethic, friendly people and it’s hard to beat as a place to live, work, and raise a family.

What would you like to say about Wichita in ten years?

WelI I hope that within 10 years, or sooner, we will be able to compare favorably with Pittsburgh, Oklahoma City and other metro areas that struggled for several years, but were able to re-energize themselves. I’d like to look back and say that the Chung presentations were a major turning point in our full return from recession, and that now our growing, diversified and economically robust community is a booming destination for top talent, capital and employers.

What transformational projects need to be complete by 2025?

A healthy downtown and river corridor is a critical piece of a strong Wichita and we’ve made great strides recently. Development along the river must continue; the River Vista and library are great starts in that direction. Growing and upgrading our capacity to compete for top conventions and meetings means we’ll also need to address Century II’s challenges. Continued development of retail, residential and entertainment businesses in the downtown/Old Town area is important too. 


How long have you lived in Wichita?

4 years but have worked in Wichita for 18 years i

What is the first thing you would show a visitor to Wichita?

Old Town area and the Keeper